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Sheriff Cloninger Is Working For You!

As the Sheriff, Alan is charged with ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Gaston County by enforcing the law, housing persons incarcerated by the courts, maintaining the security of the county courthouse, serving civil and criminal documents, evictions, seizure of property or money as ordered by the courts, and pursuing and arresting fugitives from legal actions taken through the courts, and assisting other law enforcement agencies.

It is Sheriff Cloninger's desire to create a professional yet personal relationship with the citizens of Gaston County in order to serve their needs and improve every aspect of the law enforcement services he provides.

“My deputies and I are working around the clock to ensure that your safety is our main priority. I believe in accountability and demand that my deputies demonstrate integrity and professionalism while carrying out their sworn duties. I manage the budget by doing more with less, and I understand that every dollar spent to operate the Sheriff's Office and protect the court is coming from the tax payers. Being a good steward of your hard earned tax dollars means that my office is working smarter and applying critical thinking when solving our problems. We avoided duplicate services and pool resources through collaborative efforts with other law enforcement agencies.

The programs that my deputies operate bolster our overall efforts to address some of the root causes of crime, prevent crime from happening, and arrest those who break the law. I am proactive in my approach to protecting and serving the community because you deserve the best and the peace of mind, knowing that we are protecting and serving Gaston County. I know that having a safe community to live in, raise a family, go to work and school in is what makes life easier and Gaston County better.” Sheriff Alan Cloninger

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